Upcoming: October 6, 2018

Wine Club Harvest Picnic


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Harvest is a major event in the life of a wine (and the lives of winemakers).  Since spring, the vines and grapes have grown steadily, taking in sun, rain, and earth, tended by thoughtful hands.  After harvest, the grapes begin their transformation.  Under the care of the winemaker they are crafted into the fine vintages that will one day adorn your table.  Help us celebrate this magical process with a picnic lunch in the vineyards.  Enjoy Mediterranean foods and Neely Wine with old friends and new. Relax and take in the beautiful fall landscape and learn about the wine-making process directly from the winemaker. Open to all Wine Club members.  Each Wine Club member may bring two guests.






Insider Cellar Session
April 2019





SCMWA Harvest Dinner
August 19, 2018


Spend a special afternoon in the cellar with our winemaker, Shalini Sekhar. Learn about the winemaking process and taste the wines straight from the barrel. Estate Club members only.


Join Neely Wine in celebration of another Santa Cruz Mountains vintage about to be picked. Benefitting Hospice of Santa Cruz County. Tickets at scmwa.com.

SCMWA Passport Day
November 17, 2018


With your SCM passport you can visit 50+ wineries all over the appellation. Drop in on Neely Wine to taste our just-released 2016 Pinot Noir. Passports at scmwa.com. or in-person at participating wineries.

Taste of the Mountains
December 1, 2018


Enjoy an afternoon tasting and discovering your local SCM wineries. Neely Wine will be pouring Hidden Block Pinot Noir, our perfect winter offering! See scmwa.com.


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